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Beaverdam Pet Food

About Beaverdam
Truman Schrock was born and raised to a Mennonite Family in 1939 in rural Greenwood, Delaware. Raised on a farm with a total of 9 children, hard work started at an early age. Alongside his father he learned about raising crops and livestock.
In 1961 he married his wife Mary and together they purchased “Beaverdam Farm”. They would raise 4 children, along with many crops of corn, wheat and soybeans. Barns were built, and hog production was added to their daily life.

In 1970 Truman accepted a position with Furst Mcness Company, for whom he was employed nearly 30 years, working daily with animal nutrition, feeds and supplements. During those years, concern grew for Truman about the pet food industry. Realizing that most people had no idea what ingredients and additives were going into their pet food, he began a dream.

Truman, Founder with wife, Mary

Truman, Founder with wife, Mary

Shortly, after retiring, in 2003 Truman launched Beaverdam Pet food. A private label company, focusing on keeping costs down and quality high, he began with three basic lines for dog food and two cat recipes. Over the years, improvements would continue to be made as product development grew. All natural cookies, bones and chews were added, and in 2010 a Grain free formula was introduced to the line. Honoring his father, he names it Eli’s Select. With an ever changing pet food industry, our focus remains the same. We’re not the biggest company around. We don’t have a huge assortment of lines to pick from. You won’t find us in every store. We’re a little different, and we like that. We hope you will too!

Truman Schrock